COVID-19 Information



Update 1/29/2020

We would like to continue to thank our patients for their support through this pandemic. We understand the stress it has put on our patients, employees and their families. We continue to keep updated on the latest information regarding this coronavirus, the vaccines available (and ones forthcoming) and how this information relates to the practice of dentistry. 

We are also continuing to follow state and county guidelines and safety practices regarding dental settings. We will update these procedures based on recommendations and guidelines from the state and federal government. Dental settings are unique places. Dentistry in general is very concerned with cleanliness and safety. When the pandemic came dentistry was ahead of the game. We treat our offices much like mini-operating rooms. Everything surface is disinfected and all instruments sterilized between patients. The cleaners that we use are very effective against bacteria and viruses. You can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. 

Along with our cleaning and sterilizing procedures we are employing the guidance made by the governing bodies in regards to PPE. During aerosol producing procedures we utilize N95 masks and level 3 masks in all other situations. Our employees will be masked during any interaction with you and we are recommending that our staff be vaccinated as soon as it is available to them. 

Currently, to date, we have not had any known Covid cases within our office. We are doing what we can to prevent that. If employees are not feeling well we have them stay home and if symptoms resemble Covid we are requiring a negative test before they return to work. We also encourage our employees to follow local guidelines to keep them safe in and out of the office. 

Patient Requirements to be Seen in Our Office

We also require patients to be screened in our office for Covid. This consists of a temperature check and a short questionnaire. If there are any symptoms patients are feeling we ask that you reschedule the appointment. We also require masks to be worn while in communal areas of our office. We will let you know when and where the mask can be removed. We will continue to follow this requirement as long as the state and local authorities deem it necessary. 

We hope you stay well. I'm am sure that at this point everyone has been effected personally by this pandemic. We know that each of us have and we are committed to be respectful of that. We promise to you that we will do all we can to minimize the potential of exposure while in our office.


Thanks for everything,


Brent Nielsen, DMD