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Dental Cleaning and periodontics

Solid Foundations

Just like a house, nothing in dentistry works unless there is a solid foundation. In the dental world those foundations are the gums, bone and surrounding structures. 

Periodontal disease is a lot like heart disease. If heart disease is the silent killer of the heart and vascular system, periodontal disease is the silent killer of he teeth. Typically there is minimal pain or indicating factors that patients are aware of, but bacteria when uncontrolled can cause destruction of the bone surrounding and gums surrounding the teeth. 

When the bone disease progresses teeth are more susceptible to cavities and may even become loose. If it progresses too far the bone may be able to support the teeth any longer and they will need to be removed. 

Perio Chart .jpg

Hygiene Heros

Hygienists are the gate keepers to these problems. When a hygienist is probing your teeth they are taking measurements to determine the health of the bone and gums. These things happen on the order of millimeters and spots of blood. An astute hygienist will measure these differences with a high degree of accuracy and make recommendations to keep the disease at bay and from progressing. 

If one of our highly skilled hygienists detects these indicators they may instruct you to complete a "deep cleaning". This is a procedure that cleans the root surface of the tooth removing the offending bacteria. If it has progressed too far you may be given a referral to a specialist that treats these concerns surgically. Maintenance of these problems generally require more frequent cleanings as well.

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