Our Colorado Springs Dental Team

   Laura Rodeback

Laura splits her time between the front and back office, helps keep Dr. Nielsen in line and things running smoothly. As one of Dr. Nielsen's closest friends (they've known eachother since high school), Laura most likely has some pretty embarrasing stories she could share! In her free time she likes to 4x4 up mountain trails and does plenty of sporty activities with her husband and daughter.

 Brooke  Mourau

If that face (the one over there ------>) doesn't instill confidence, I don't know what will... Brooke is currently waging our assault on the insurance companies remotely from her home in Minnesota. She finished up her undergraduate education at the University of Utah completing her studies in Occupational Therapy. When she is not working, Brooke devotes a significant amount of time to various charitable organizations, chases her daughter around, flies with her pilot husband (Victor... don't call him Vickie, you can however call Brooke, Brookie without a painful beating) and  she occasionally sleeps.

Carol   Nielsen

Carol has done just about everything in the office... from full time front desk work to occasional assisting. Currently she is managing insurance payments and claims remotely from her home in Utah. When she isn't working she is keeping tabs on an unruly, recently retired attorney, managing her time with family and traveling to spend time with her 6 grandchildren in 3 different states.


 Julie  Nielsen

Julie heads up office maintenence remotely from home and oversees the bill paying there as well. If you have used the foam soap in our restroom or enjoyed one of our delicious bottles of water or hot drinks at our beverage bar then you have felt her influence. She can also be seen in the office periodically. She claims that her time in the office serves to be a small vacation as the other days she is chasing two very ambitious childeren at home. 


Clementine  Nielsen

Clementine is our flossing coordinator and the eldest child alluded to in the previous paragraph. Clementine comes to us from Plantation, Florida. Born and raised in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area (one of the most vain and cosmetically conscious areas of the nation), she gained a great appreciation for meticulous oral hygiene and the need for a beautiful, healthy smile. She comes to our office upon request for her specialty instruction on the latest flossing techniques.

  Lily  Nielsen

Lily is pure Colorado, born and raised! She is also pure energy and a whiz with a toothbrush. Her favorite activities include hanging out with her friends, color coordinating her earrings to her skirt and accessorizing her smile with a wide array of toothbrushes custom designed with her favorite stickers. As with her sister Clementine, her presence can be requested for toothbrush customization tutorials as needed!