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Our Dental Office Staff

These are the good people that help your visit run as smoothly as possible. Running a dental office isn't as easy as you would think. Supplies have to be ordered, insurance has to be verified and data entered into our systems. If those things aren't immediately noticeable then they have done their job, but on top of that they keep things moving forward and Dr. Nielsen's head in the game! These are difficult jobs and they make it feel like an after thought. We are grateful we have them on our team! Please feel free to hover over their individual photos to see how they fit into our team and where they shine!

Laura Rodeback

Office Manager

25+ years. That's how long Dr. Nielsen and Laura have known each other. Hailing back to their High School days! This type of comfort and longevity is felt immediately upon entering our office. Laura runs the show. She knows all aspects of the business of dentistry and is a wealth of knowledge you can trust!

Andrea Fellinger

Insurance Coordinator

Andrea joined our team in 2021. She was quickly promoted to insurance coordinator. She works alongsi

de Laura, helping to answer phones, scheduling and addressing those pesky insurance questions. She is a Colorado Springs Native and Laura's neighbor!

Julie Nielsen

Administrative Assistant

Julie helps the office run smoothly from home. She pays the bills that keep the office moving forward and keeps us stocked with non dental supplies. If you've used the foam soap in our restroom or enjoyed a delicious bottle of water or a hot drink at our beverage bar, then you have felt her influence!

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