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Our Dental Hygienists

What can we say? Dental hygienists are the gate keepers to great dentistry! Dr. Nielsen always tells patients that there is no purpose to treating the things he treats if the foundation isn't stable. Those solid dental foundations are managed and treated largely through the efforts of talented hygienists. We have found the best ones Colorado Springs has to offer. We are excited to have a team of hygienists that work together for the benefit of our patients and are extremely capable of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of periodontal issues. We are confident you will feel their desire to help keep you clean and healthy for years to come!


Kari Uzzell, RDH

Kari has been temping for our office for years, so we were thrilled when she joined our team permanently! She is a very knowledgeable hygienist and educating patients on oral hygiene is very important to her. She is a Colorado native and is a music buff. She loves concert going and you're likely to see her at any one of the regions amazing music venues!


Sheri Danieli, RDH

Sheri has been our Friday hygienist for quite some time but has recently picked up more days with us and we couldn't be happier. She provides an even keeled comfort to the office that everyone can feel immediately. We've rarely seen her frazzled, which is obviously a great quality for anyone coming to a dental office!

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