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New Patient Appointments

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Prior to your Appointment

We are always accepting new patients. If you are looking for a second opinion, a new dental home or relief from dental pain, we will be happy to help you. As soon as you call we will be working for you and advocating for your dental health. We are in-network with all major insurance providers and we work closely with them to provide accurate estimates on needed treatment. We also work with CareCredit and other lenders to offer you low or no interest payments to make your trip to our office as painless as possible. 



In order to provide you with the highest quality experience we request that you fill out our patient paperwork prior to arriving at our office. These short forms provide us with personal and insurance information that allow us to provide you with the most accurate estimates on treatment that may be needed. The health history also allows us to take into consideration your personal health and create a customized plan for you to consider that will allow for your optimal oral health. 

Seeing your Provider

If you are seeking a second opinion, emergency appointment or consult you will be seen first by Dr. Nielsen's assistant who will gather some initial information from you in the form of a conversation and possibly necessary x-rays to determine the appropriate course of action. Following this Dr. Nielsen will meet personally with you to review your concerns and gather more information. Once the issue is understood through a series of diagnostic evaluations a treatment plan will be produced for you. Please feel free to ask Dr. Nielsen any questions you may have.

Meeting with the Hygienist

If you are coming into our office as a new patient requesting a routine cleaning and exam you will see one of our amazing hygienists first. She will gather all the necessary x-rays and diagnostic data for Dr. Nielsen and do a periodontal evaluation to recommend an appropriate course of treatment to keep your gums and surrounding bone healthy. Toward the end of the appointment Dr. Nielsen will complete a comprehensive oral evaluation and recommend treatment as needed. This is the time to ask him any questions you may have.

Completion of Appointment

Once your appointment is complete (30 minutes for consultation/emergency appointments and 1.5 hr for new patient cleaning and exam appointments) a comprehensive treatment plan and cost estimates will be made for you and presented at the front desk. At this time you will be able to schedule your next appointment for dental treatment if needed or your 6 month hygiene recall. If there are any insurance or cost related questions, Laura will be happy to answer them at this time.

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After your Appointment

We know patients can become flustered at any point in this process. Some questions may have slipped their minds in the process of being over loaded with information. If at anytime you have questions or concerns about your appointment or the treatment plan presented to you we would be happy to talk with you. It is extremely important to us that you understand the treatment we are recommending and that your concerns have been heard and addressed. 

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