What to expect at your first dental appointment:

       We are always accepting new patients. If you are looking for a second opinion, relief from dental pain or a new place for your dental care, we are happy to accomodate you.


      We accept and are in-network with all major dental insurance and offer low or no interest payment plans for our patients. So (if you have insurance), when you give us a call please have your insurance information available and our receptionist will begin working on getting your insurance breakdown prior to your appointment. This way we will be able to get you the most accurate estimates on treatment that may be needed as possible. 

          We  also periodically have offers and incentives for our new patients. You can view them in our offers and incentives page.

        If you would like a free consult prior to coming in for a regular new patient appointment we can accomodate that too. 

           We will send you the new patient paperwork for you to fill out prior to coming in to our office or you can download it from our forms page. Doing this prior to coming in to the office will save time and help us keep on time for your scheduled appointment.

           If you are coming in for a new patient cleaning, exam and x-rays, you will first meet our hygienist. She will take you back and beging the necessary x-rays.

We utilize low radiation digital x-rays with Suni-Ray intraoral sensors and Planmeca Promax for extraoral bitewings and panoramic x-rays. Once the x-rays are completed our hygienist will begin a comprehensive periodontal exam to determine the health of your gums and underlying bone. Following that she will discuss her findings with you and then make recommendations to optimize the health of your periodontal tissues. If all is looking good she will then complete a cleaning, polish and flossing of your teeth. 

          Once your teeth are sparkling clean, Dr. Nielsen will come in and examine your teeth, soft tissues and x-rays for dental concerns. We will determine problem areas and prioritize any needed treatment. If there are multiple treatment options for problem areas will will discuss those as well. This is a great time to bring up any issues that you may be dealing with as well. Any sensitivity, pain or cosmetic concers can be discussed in detail. After the clinical diagnosis is determined our office manager will get treatment plans together for you with estimates of what your insurance will cover and what portions you will be expected to be responsible for. We can then plan out your treatment and make the necessary appointments to optimize your dental health! In all, we allow approximately an hour and a half for a new patient appointment (1 hour for the hygienist and 30 min for the Dr.'s exam).

           If you are coming in for a second opinion or conult we will schedule a 30 min appointment with the Dr. where he will assess the areas of concern. We will obtain the necessary x-rays for the current problem. It always helps to bring in the treatment plan from the diagnosing dentist for reference. Each dentist has a different philosophy on when to treat and what methods are used to treat, so having a treatment plan and dental codes provides essential information to determine those methods and gives us a window to those philosophies. Having these treatment plans does not influence our recommendations for treatment. We also require our new patient paperwork to be filled out prior to seeing the dentist for these appointments.

           If you would just like to come in and meet us prior to scheduling an appointment, we're always available. You can give us a call to schedule that or just stop by during office hours!