Clear Tray Orthodontics


Invisible braces like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry and we are proud to be providers of this type of orthodontic treatment in Colorado Springs. We utilize the products offered by ClearCorrect because of their patient friendly treatment and ability to make “revisions” throughout treatment at no additional cost to the patient. 


Clear aligners use a series of clear plastic trays that are worn throughout the day and night. They apply pressure to teeth and reliably move them into position without the use of brackets and wires that are used in traditional orthodontic procedures. The result is straighter teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. You can take the trays out to brush, floss and eat, minimizing the time and effort of cleaning your teeth and potentially embarrassing food stuck in braces!


The process is pretty easy. An initial appointment is made for evaluation and consultation. At this appointment it will be determined if clear aligners are right for you based on the amount of movement needed to get your teeth into a proper alignment. Pictures and impressions are taken for the lab at this appointment as well. The impressions and pictures are sent to ClearCorrect and the first set of trays are sent back to verify the treatment set up. At the second appointment we try in the trays and look at the treatment plan. This shows you what to expect from your treatment as well as gives you a time frame for completion of the treatment. Once everything is approved trays are sent periodically that progressively move your teeth into place. The aligners are worn to 20-22 hours per day through the treatment. If at anytime revision is needed, we just take new impressions and send them to the lab... at no cost to you. This is a huge benefit with ClearCorrect. We can make as many revisions as we need to to get you the results you want! 


As with any dental treatment there are limitations to what invisible braces can do. Only a consultation with your Colorado Springs ClearCorrect provider can help determine if this treatment is right for you.