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Clear Aligner Therapy

There are a number of different options when you are talking about clear braces. We use ClearCorrect and have had very good results with them. Clear braces are a series of trays that progressively move your teeth into a more esthetic position. There are limitations to this type of therapy so be sure to speak with your dentist prior to committing to it. We do free consults that get submitted to ClearCorrect where they evaluate the case and supply us with a video that will show you what you can expect from the treatment before committing. We do this step free of charge at a consult where we discuss the process with you.

Some things to know about this type of orthodontic treatment: 1.) You must wear the trays for 22 hours a day. 2.) You only remove them to eat. 3.) They are a far more comfortable and esthetic treatment but move teeth in a different way than traditional bracket and wire braces. Because of this results are prone to relapse if you aren't wearing the final retainer indefinitely. 4.) They are only intended to treat more minor tooth movements- rotation and crowding. 

In the right situation the results are great and patients are generally very happy with this option. Please feel free to come in for a free consult to discuss if this is a good option for you!

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