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Insurance: What You Need To Know and FAQ

Dental insurance may be one of the hardest types of insurance to truly understand. This is mainly because it doesnt act like insurance that you are used to. Medical, home, auto and other insurances are pretty simple in comparison... tough to believe I know! Those other types of insurance typically have known co-pays and clearly defined deductibles. Once you hit a certain amount, insurance kicks in and takes care of the rest. Catastrophic problems are taken care of relatively easily and  at minimal cost to you, the patient.


This is not how dental insurance works. Dental insurance is best understood by looking at it as a discount plan. There are a lot of moving parts to dental plans that you should be aware of and this page and the links tied to it should help you understand dental insurance, its benefits and limitations, and what you can expect from your dental insuance provider. 

                   1.) How does dental insurance work?

                   2.) What are annual maximums?

3.) What are deductibles?

4.) What are coverage percentages and how are they figured?

5.) What is down-coding?

6.) What Happens if insurance denies my claim?

7.) What are appeals?

8.) What can I do to help ensure that insurance pays the claim?

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