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Take Home Whitening

Take home whitening kits are products that you receive from your dental provider. Compared to over the counter products, these are higher concentrations peroxides, normally around 10-19%. They come in a variety of different application methods like adhesive strips, preformed trays and thermoplastic trays custom formed to your mouth. Thermoplastic trays are the best vehicle for this type of whitening. It requires taking an impression of your mouth and creating a soft tray that is perfectly adapted to your teeth. The closer the whitening agent is to your teeth the better the results will be. These treatments take 1-2 weeks and produce quicker and more dramatic results than OTC products. All whitening agents can produce sensitivity and the higher the concentration of peroxide the more sensitivity there may be. Some of these whitening products are adding fluoride and other buffers to combat the sensitivity with good results.

We use a variety of products in our office and have seen very good results with them. We are constantly running specials involving whitening products on our offers and incentives page. Please check for current specials.

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